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Our spa Maui Mermaid Bath Crumbles are a luxury, fizzy bath experience! Made with biodegradable glitter, shimmery mica and a fresh fragrance for a fun, relaxing, glittery bath.

Fragrance: mist, sea moss and cyclamen petals.

10 oz bag (measured by weight, not volume)

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Coconut Oil, Fragrance, Polysorbate 80, FD&C Colorant, Mica, Biodegradable Glitter

*Because items are handmade, actual product may vary.

*Please check the ingredients for allergens and don't use if allergic

**Be careful exiting the tub after use, as the tub floor may become slippery from the oil**

Maui Mermaid Bath Bomb Crumbles

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