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Our Artisan small batch Gold Coast Bath Bombs are made with cocoa butter and a fruity coconut fragrance for a fun, fragrant, shimmery bath. Picture yourself in a cabana on the beach, sipping an umbrella drink with a tropical breeze swaying the palm trees. Relax in mini vacation paradise.

LARGE 3' BATH BOMBS - Approx. 8.5 oz

Fragrance-  creamy coconut with fresh fruits and island air.


Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, cocoa butter, polysorbate 80, fragrance, mica, enviro glitter, FD&C colorant, distilled water


*Because items are handmade, actual product may vary.

*These will probably require a tub rinse after use - lots of sparkle and biodegradable glitter!

*Please check the ingredients for allergens and don't use if allergic*

**Be careful exiting the tub after use, as the tub floor may become slippery from the oil**

Gold Coast Bath Bombs


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