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Hawaiian KONA COFFEE Body scrub


One (8 oz or 4 oz) BODY SCRUB With ground coffee and sunflower oil to exfoliate, moisturize & soften skin. 


To use, apply to wet skin and scrub in circular motions. Rinse off and pat dry. Enjoy!


INGREDIENTS: Ground Coffee Beans, Sunflower Oil, Caffeine Extract, Optiphen Preservative (phenoxyethanol, sorbic acid, and caprylyl glycol), Fragrance.


*No color added




Approx 8 oz or 4 oz - measured by weight, not by volume


**4oz container may vary and have have black or white lid.


*Please check the ingredients for allergens and don't use if allergic


*This scrub may make the tub slippery, Please use Caution*


Coffee and Caffeine scrub is said to have the following Benefits (Research is mixed & I'm not making these claims):

-Exfoliates skin to remove dead skin cells.
-Smooths skin so it looks & feels more youthful.
-Brightens dull skin to give it a healthy looking glow.
-Fights the visible signs of aging.
-Reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.
-Targets and fights inflammation that can make skin look puffy.
-Sea salt is packed full of minerals that are beneficial for skin including magnesium, sodium, and calcium.
-Because of its powerful ingredients, sea salt can reduce or eliminate blotchy skin.
-Reduce the appearance of acne as well as eliminate it.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Body Scrub


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