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Handmade Bath and Body Products - Soap, Body Butter, Sugar Scrubs, Bath Bombs and more.

Let's talk about our handcrafted body and spa products. We make them in small batches, with 100% natural oils that come from plants, flowers and seeds. The best ingredients are used to make the finest lotions, soaps, scrubs and more!

Our products are made with real fruit, herbs and spices like apricot kernel oil; aloe vera juice; coconut milk; kokum butter (when available); mango butter; avocado oil; cocoa butter or shea butter - instead of just using petroleum derived ingredients such as paraffin waxes or mineral oils found in most commercial bath & body products.

Handmade Soap – Our soaps are made with a combination of organic oils and butters. Each bar is carefully handcrafted to provide a rich lather that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth while leaving behind a delightful fragrance after each use.

Handmade Body Butter – Our body butters are whipped to perfection providing the most luxurious moisturizing experience possible for your skin! The combination of shea butter and other natural oils provides long lasting hydration.

Sugar Scrubs – Our sugar scrubs are made from all natural ingredients including sugar crystals from the USA that have been infused to create unique fragrances for you to enjoy! They're perfect for exfoliating dead skin cells away from feet or hands leaving them soft enough to touch!

Bath Bombs - Made with citric acid, baking soda & cocoa butter these colorful bath bombs fizz away releasing their scent into the water making them fun for everyone!

Come check out our amazing handmade bath and beauty products! We use the best natural ingredients, including essential oils and herbs to create small batches of soap, body butter and more.

Our customers love us! Our products are great for gifts or yourself. We are a small business that offers excellent customer service as well as a wide selection of products:

  • Soaps made with coconut oil, shea butter and other natural ingredients

  • Bath bombs made with cocoa butter

  • Body butters made from cocoa butter, shea butter & mango butter

Handmade Bath and Body Products - Soap, Body Butter, Sugar Scrubs, Bath Bombs and more from Weekend Wanderlust Soap Company.


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